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The Indian cram school forced students to step on the glass barefoot. Parents: children are really not afraid of exams. A cram school in Gujarat State in western India forced more than 70 students to step on the glass barefoot, claiming that this would improve their mental strength and help overcome the pressure of entering school. The local TV station showed that students took turns walking through the 1 meter long broken glass. Tao, the youngest among them was only 12 years old. Although no one was reported injured, such a radical teaching method has attracted the attention of the local authorities and launched an investigation. Patel, the head of the cram school, said that insisting that there is a scientific basis behind this activity, which can help students with insufficient self-confidence to overcome their fear. What is even more exaggerated is that there are also parents who are watching the endorsement. Although it feels crazy at first, the three children in the family are indeed more confident and no longer stage fright. Although India’s economic take-off in recent years has spurred corporate competitiveness, it has also become a high-pressure education system. In 2010,il lucky day lotto there was a cram school that asked students to step on burning charcoal and broken glass to enhance their self-confidence. In 2015, there was an 8-year-old girl. , Suspected that because of the school work pressure was too much, he actually committed suicide by arson. Before he died, he kept repeating that I didn't want to go back to school, and I couldn't wait for words.

After following the shoot for a while, the reporters were all dumbfounded: You still drive the old fishing boat, live in the same house, go to the same market to buy vegetables, and buy a few lottery tickets when you are happy. . . . . . Have you eaten hundreds of millions of big prizes by dogs? ? ? Why is your style of a billionaire different from others? ? ?

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The mansion that Dolores bought was named Tina Lana. She just bought it in December last year. Unexpectedly, the decorations in her home were looted last weekend. This 270-acre building was built in the 19th century and is located next to Clare’s lake. It has been vacant and unpopulated. But fortunately, the billionaire was not here at the time, but in another mansion not far away.

More importantly, the face recognition network system under construction in India may be connected to Aadhaar, a database containing 1.2 billion fingerprints, retinas and other biometric information. Linked with these biometric information are personal bank accounts, tax payment records, and so on. Currently, the Indian police cannot access the Aadhaar database.

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Mr Jain said there was a line in the Mayur Vihar area which was broken. Supply was restored within 48 hours.